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At Scented Origins, our fragrances start at the source. We travel the world of scent and bring you only our finest discoveries, handcrafted in small batches with no parabens, phthalates, or fillers.

Project Overview

Etis Living was created in 2022 and it’s designed by Etis Creative Department, with the aim to redefine home decor and furniture in Slovenia.

Tools Used

Scented Origin overview

Online Showcase

Etis living is a design brand with timeless items that inspire better living. A collaboration between functionality and aesthetics with emphasis on the combination of timeless elegance with distinctive charm to create a look that inspires commitment. A fresh perspective on the classic home decor.


Product Information

Complete information about each and every product is listed. It liberates the customers to search for their desired product along with making their decision to choose and purchase the product easily.

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Innovation at its best

The app is digitally interactive and has been designed according to the latest standards of modern dimensions of app development. The core purpose of showcasing the entire range with complete details, was achieved according to client’s brief.

Scented Origin innovation
Scented Origin innovation
Scented Origin innovation
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